QAY500 all terrain crane is equipped with new spacious luxury cab, combined center console, digital indicator, Grammer air suspension seat, electrical control rear mirror, etc. The product adopts 8-axle chassis, 6-axle steering, and 4-axle drive, featuring sufficient power.
7-segment oval-section jib adopts the telescopic mechanism of the single-cylinder bolt. The full extension length is 84m. The product has many optional devices, such as 63m fixed extension jib, 95m luffing jib, expanding the working space. Improve the super-lift device, and double the jib length. The lifting height increases 7×12m, and the lifting performance increases by 60%.
Through the application of the Fieldbus technique, the computer integrated control technique improves the energy efficiency, failure diagnosis intelligence, and control automation.
The product is equipped with the auxiliary winch which is specially used to install the big hook and steel wire rope. The dismantling of the optional devices, such as the counterweight, luffing jib, etc. can be completed by the machine itself, considering the convenience of the installment and dismantling to the maximum.

Technical Specifications

Dimension Unit QAY500
Overall length mm 22140
Overall mm
Overall mm 4000
Overall weight in transport kg 96000
Front axle load kg
Rear axle load kg
Engine model TAD750VE
Engine rated power kW/(r/min) 200/2300
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min)
Max. travel speed km/h 80
Min. turning diameter m 30
Min. ground clearance mm
Approach angle ° 13.3
Departure angle ° 19.2
Max. grade ability % 35
Fuel consumption for 100km L
Main performance
Max. rated total lifting capacity t 500
Min. rated working radius mm
Turning radius at turntable tail m
Max. lifting torque kN.m 15190
Base boom m
Fully extended boom m
Fully extended boom+ jib m
Longitudinal outrigger span m 9.6
Lateral outrigger span m 10.123
Working speed
Boom luffing time s
Boom full extension time s
Max. swing speed r/min
Max. speed of main winch (single rope) (no load) m/min
Max. speed of aux. winch (single rope) (no load) m/min

& Due to improvements made to the product, data herein is subject to change without notice.
& Affected by the reproduction conditions, the pictures and data differ somewhat from the actual machine

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