JP32 Fire Truck

Main technical data in travel configuration

Category Item Unit Parameter
Dimension Overall length mm 11810
Overall mm 3995
Overall mm 2490
Wheel base Axles 1 and 2 mm 4600
Axles 2 and 3 mm 1350
Track Front axle mm 1939
Mid-rear axle mm 1800
Weight Total vehicle curb weight kg 21150
Axle load Front axle kg 5070
Mid-rear axle kg 16080
Extinguishant rated load weight Water kg 4000
Foam kg 3200
Total vehicle weight kg 28500
Axle load Front axle kg 6700
Mid-rear axle kg 21800
performance speed km/h ≥90
Min.turning diameter m ≤24
Approach angle ° ≥22°
Departure angle ° ≥10°
Braking distance(at 30km/h) m ≤10
Min.ground clearance mm 314
Max.gradeability % ≥25%

Main technical data for operation

Category Item Unit Parameter
Rated working m 32
Max.working radius m 19
Outrigger span(longitudinal×lateral) m 5.6×4.8
Elevating range The angle of 1st boom against horizontal ° 0~80°
The angle of 2nd boom against 1st boom ° 0~140°
The angle of 3rd boom against 2nd boom ° 0~210°
Fire pump rated flow L/s 50
Fire pump rated outlet pressure MPa ≥1.5
Water monitor Water monitor flow L/s 50
Water monitor pressure MPa ≤1.0
Water monitor reach m ≥65
Foam monitor flow L/s 48
Foam monitor pressure MPa ≤1.0
Foam monitor reach m ≥55
Nozzle travel range up:-15°down:60°left and right:±135°
Boom deploying time S ≤140
Outrigger extending time S ≤40
Slewing speed r/min 0~1

& Due to improvements made to the product, data herein is subject to change without notice.
& Affected by the reproduction conditions, the pictures and data differ somewhat from the actual machine

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