Bulk Cement Truck


Model AH5310GFL6 Batch 257
Branch Xingma Classification partical material tranporting truck
Rated Weight 13000 Total Weight 31000
Preparative Weight 17870 Fuel Diesel
Emission Standard GB17691-2005 stage 3,GB3847-2005 Axis 4 axis
Wheelbase 1800+4600+1350,1800+4575+1400 Wheel Pressure 6500/6500/18000(double mixed axis)
Spring Left 14,right 13/left 14 right 13/12,11/11/12,4/4/-,11/11/- Wheel 12 wheels
Wheel Standard 11.00-20,12.00-20 16PR,11.00R20,12.00R20 16PR Approach/Depature Angle 16/11
Front/Rear Suspension 1500/2715 Front Wheelspan 2022/2022,2041/2041
Rear Wheelspan 1830/1830 ID Code
Total Length 11990 Total 2496
Total 3870 Chassis 1 ZZ1317M4669V
Max Speed 102,90 Rated Member -
Rated Member in Cab 2 Turning Method -
PS 1. Cylinder effective volume: 33 m³, cylinder length: 8300mm, diameter: 2480mm, transporing medium: charcoal powder (density 400kg/m³) 2. Q235 srewed steel plate as side and rear guardrail, section size 100mm×50mm, 530mm above ground 3. Driving log recorders with GPS are equipped. 4. Top slotting is unavailable. Rear part can not be opened either.

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